Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

“Allee Allee Ox in Free”

Careful, honesty and transparency means hanging out the laundry for all to see.  The masks are slipping and the closet door is ajar.

As I have grown in Christ it has been hard to take the disappointments, heartbreaks, and persona failures as part of His plan to accomplish His grand purpose of maturing and building up the Body of Christ.

Here I am at the age of 70 soon to be 71 and I am just beginning to work at being free from others expectations and approval.  I have for years struggled not to be considered naive and simple.  With all my hiding, masking, and serving I embroiled myself in the trouble I was attempting to avoid.

I am not trying to gender pity, sympathy, or empathy just wanting to confess that all the disliking of myself, not being satisfied with my life and wanting desperately to be someone else, Jesus has accomplished His purposes even in the midst of my protesting.  Unwittingly, I have been simple and naive.  I have never been able to be someone else.  I thank Jesus that all my past has been a great adventure, though I can see some of it ,only, in retrospect.

I have said, done things and wished for things that are embarrassing.  The significance of it all these things is that those times have already been weaved into the fabric of God’s great purpose of  growing and building up the Body of Christ.

What I plan on doing with this blog is to honestly and transparently share my adventure of developing my awareness of my ONENESS with Christ.   This will not be a Biblical Dissertation but Scripture will be a main part of what is shared.

Please feel free to agree or disagree.  I would that all awaken to a greater awareness of their Oneness with Christ knowing that Father is, in and through them, preparing the Bride of Christ to be presented to Her Groom.


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