Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

November 24, 2012 Entry

Philemon 1 (NASB)

 I thank my God always, making mention of you in my prayers,  because I hear of your love and of the faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints;


Father, why do I feel that death cannot prevent Your will from being accomplished and at the same time think that a life can?  Idle time, busy doing nothing important, building hay, wood, and stubble cannot prevent, stagger, trip up, or throw You off from completing the building up of the Body of Christ.  Even Satan with all his schemes cannot alter or change that which You are about.

So why do I think I can?  I am but to live in harmony with what You are doing and accept my weaknesses in light of Your strengths.  I should not think of myself as having the ability to clog up Your works, nor that I can enhance Your purposes by my participation.  It is not that I am worthless, or invaluable.  It is a matter of entering Your rest, enjoying Your presence and power, being spent in our relational Oneness, yet at the same time pressing with anticipation, striving with expectation and accepting with gratitude and thanksgiving all circumstances and situations, knowing that You will through our Oneness change, alter and/or revise all circumstances and situations to work to the accomplishing of Your purposes.

On my part I may shed tears, experience heart break, be maligned, or be exalted, rewarded and even rise to a level of great influence.  It might even mean that on my tombstone it says: “Here lies Terry; it is as though he never lived.”  It matters not where I think or want to be but where Our Oneness leads.

Father, some will think, that what I have just said to You is laced with the arsenic of laziness or even an excuse to not work and justification to live in mediocrity.  If it is let it become a motivating power to give rise to Faith that strives, Trust that builds, Hope that transcends, Love that compels, Joy that resonates, Patience that values, Peace that sooths, Kindness that assists, Gentleness that encourages, Self-Control that sheds the Light and Life of Jesus.

Well Father, it is time I stop philosophizing and face the day with great anticipation filled with the peace and joy of expectation.

“And away We go.”


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