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The dilemmas of life and living are real

They come as surprises never ending

Heartwarming & Heartrending

Though at times it’s hard to

Acknowledge His presence, even by faith

When it’s only tears one tastes

Yet, His guarantee, our seal


Joy and sorrow at a rapid pace

which is next

to be sprinkled by grace

Jesus, ready to share & heal

Love, Hope and Faith Our text

His guarantee our seal


Overwhelmed, so much undone

Heart and soul discouraged and down

Why me; why anyone

Focused on me; not the Son

His guarantee secure and sound


Jesus reaches out

“it is done” loud and bold

Resurrection’s mighty shout

His seal our guarantee we’re told


No longer me

Not just Him

I in Him & He in me


By faith we see

There’s more than three


Bridegroom and Bride are “WE”


… But now we do not yet see all things subjected to him. 9 But we do see Him … namely, Jesus, …

Hebrews 2

But now we do not yet see all things subjected to him.  But we do see Himnamely, Jesus, …

Father, I do not see people subject to Jesus, yet I do see Jesus.  The more I concentrate on Him in Me and I in Him the more people see Him.  The more I look at me trying to be like Him the less people see of Him – they see me trying to be something I am not.  The more I try to find who I am the less I find out who Jesus Is.  The more I seek intimacy with Jesus through seeing Him in Scripture, creation, Body of Christ, and trusting Him in all situations and circumstances the more those around me see Jesus.

He came, He saw, He loved, He accepted, He transformed, and in the sharing His death, He shared His life to bring many into Your family and as brothers and sisters to share in His glory.

He is so infatuated with us that we cannot help but be infatuated with Him.  He first loved so that we might love in return.  WOW – Who could have thought and carried out such a plan – only HIM?


God is speaking! Am I listening, hearing & applying?

God is speaking!  Am I listening, hearing & applying?



  • Recognize Jesus’ presence 24/7 (Oneness with HIM)
  • Expect Him to communicate



  • What is He saying
  • Anticipate His involvement



  • Plan our action
  • Take immediate and definite steps of ACTION
  • Keep listening, hearing, and applying
  • Enjoy our partnership with Jesus – laugh, cry, yell, whisper, and always remember We are His Bride, He is our Bridegroom and WE can never be separated.


No journey is without its hills to climb, valleys to descend into, rivers to cross, bumps that jolt, scenery that inspires, situations that confuse, and people that will encourage or discourage.  The key is to focus on Jesus, leave the results in His hand for He has left the action and all His, needed resources in our hand.

called according to His…1 Timothy 1

I love it when my response to Father, Son and Spirit seems to just flow from my mind through my fingers to the key board.   Below is today’s response – 12/05/2012.  May this stir or kindle your own gift of fellowship with HIM.


Father, You did not call me according to my good deeds or according to my future good works but according to Your purpose of grace in Christ Jesus from all eternity.  It goes back to the very reason why You created man in the first place.  That You, Son and Spirit might not be alone – You wanted fellowship, not hands, feet, minds, and finished works – the definite main purpose was, is, and will always be fellowship- the things that I can achieve You can do without my involvement, but You want my partnership because You don’t want to do it by Yourself – the doing of something is just a means of fellowship which is Your purpose of grace in Christ Jesus from all eternity.

I tend to think that I need to pick a cause to expend my energy for producing change.  The cause becomes my focus, my love, my purpose, and You are relegated to my benefactor in getting the cause done or at least my portion.  How deceptively wrong!

I can fellowship with You NOW, You are in me and I in You.  You stick closer than a brother.  Your present at all times in all places.  I don’t replace You and You don’t replace me, You don’t sink to my level but by grace and mercy You raise me to Your level.  You remain God and I remain human yet in Christ Jesus we share the Divine Nature.  We are bound by mutual LOVE for each other rather than an external cause.

Where I am You are present, where You are I can be there with You through prayer.

Like the long ago secular song; “We belong to a mutual admiration society…my Jesus and I.”  Hallelujah, a relationship worth pursuing, experiencing and sharing.  (in whatever and wherever)

Our love is not removed from life’s situations or conditions but is part and parcel of every situation and condition for we are involved in them together.

I am looking forward to spending the day with You.

“What, Oh, You are TOO.”

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