Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

Jesus Lives On

I know His past, His Cross, His tomb, His Resurrection and His Ascension, along with His promise to Return.  My hope is fixed, I know my destination.

But my sight is focused on our life together in the present, living each day transfixed on His person, seeing His presence in the here and now.  He called me to die but once with Him, then, to live each day sharing His life with Him.


Jesus lead to Calvary

Placed on a cross

Buried in a tomb

The cross torn down

The tomb forgotten

But Jesus lives on

A lashing whip

A crown of thorns

A piercing spear

Feet and hands nailed

Ridiculed and spat upon

Yet Jesus lives on

The whip decayed

The robe gambled away

Thorn and crown rotted

Spear broken and gone

Nails are no more

Still Jesus lives on

His life abides

But not alone

Others dwell with Him

And He with them

Members together

And Jesus lives on

Living water

Filled with light

Knitted in Oneness

Life giving sight

He in me, I in Him

Thus Jesus lives on

Peace for evermore

Joy unspeakable

Praise resounding

Love’s compelling song

Life abundant, excited, expectant

Because, Jesus lives on

by tjarbeaux


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One thought on “Jesus Lives On

  1. Nate Dell on said:

    Thanks, Terry. Enjoyed the read. Happy Easter.

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