Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts



It’s the song within

Just below your skin

Sing it out loud

He’ll applaud


Don’t waste the gift

Or leave it undone

Fill in the rift

Just get R done


People await

And need to see

You strut your gait

Keep His life in view


Oh the grace He gives

That He might live

His life on earth

Showing value and worth


Awake, awake

It’s not to late

We are free

Just to Be


Take the time

To realign

Don’t just conform

But be transformed


The light of life

Scatters strife

Disperses dark

From every heart


So life reigns

Bringing gain

To every Soul

Filling every hole


The world


Sees the movement

Hears the sound


Jesus believing

Faith achieving

Abundant living

Life giving


It’s time to reach

By extended hand

Not just by words to teach

By noble, actions grand


A message we say and do

A message needing both

A message incomplete

Without the two


A living Word assertion

Concerning a REAL person

The Father’s only begotten

Jesus Our Life, His Living Son


Telling without showing

Chewing without swallowing

Standing without walking

It’s like life without living

by tjarbeaux


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