Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

Jesus My Friend,

Jesus laughs with us, He does not laugh at us.  He loves to identify with us and wants all to know that He values our company. Yet, He does get embarrassed at times with the things that we laugh at.

I believe that there are too many of us Christians afraid to align our humor, and our values alongside Jesus’.  There are many of us that would rather conform to the humor and values of the world we live in rather than side with Jesus.

I know Jesus laughs, I know He has fun and desires His followers to be filled with JOY.  I really believe He tickles our tummies as we do our babies.  He buzzes with His finger as He stretches out His hand to watch us smile and hear our laugh.

He paints beautiful pictures in the morning and evening skies for us to ooh and ah over.  He sends to us the sounds of music on the wings of morning birds and in the evening chorus of crickets.   The warmth of the sun, refreshing of the rain sprouts new life and ignites hope as He rotates the seasons.  He delights in the sounds of our laughter and the sparkle in our eyes when we entertain a little mischief.

He arranges circumstances to strengthen, encourage, and spur us on in our trust of Him and then proves to us His undeniable faithfulness reminding us that we are, His Beloved Bride.  He keeps whispering to each generation of the assurance, He will return.

The other day I was singing, “Oh how I love Jesus…” and heard, in my spirit, as He responded back, “Oh how I love Terry…”

“Even so come, Lord Jesus”; let us keep our eyes searching the clouds and our ears alert for the trumpet sound.


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