Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

“Church” is in Christ Jesus

Father, You made us the Church in Christ.  Apart from Christ we are not the Church.  Jesus is our Head and we are His limbs.  We are not to do things for Jesus but with Jesus.  Members of the Body of Christ that are intimately connected in/with Christ Jesus through Oneness are able to work with Him all others are attempting to work for Him.

Father, I do see a difference between working for Him and working with Him and I know it is not evil to work for Jesus, but it is so much better to work with Him. 

For me the difference lies in the since of His presence and being able to have child like trust of His power.   Jesus is not a president, king, leader, or dictator that rules from heaven – He is King, Prince of Peace, Leader and never dictator that lives within and yet at the same moment is over there – Jesus is here, there and everywhere, yet as personal as a brother, friend, and intimate companion. 

Father because of Jesus, I now relate to You in a familial manner as well as being able to worship You as my awesome God. 


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