Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts


True, it is harder and harder to attend any church meeting that is institutionally flavored for it does not function on the basis of Body Life.  I don’t think it matters if it is white bread, brown bread, black bread, rice bread, pita bread, corn bread or marbled bread; {“ha, ha, ha” – meant to be humorous} the system is WRONG.

Christians have substituted ‘institutional programming’ for Body Life sharing.  We have turned away from the headship of Christ for the leadership of talented and gifted orators or business strategists.  We have turned the Bible into a text book rather than a revelatory book that reveals the character and person of the Father, Son and Spirit.

We fail as partners with God.  We do not seek to live out our Oneness with Jesus.  We would rather work for God instead of as partner with God through our Lord Jesus. Gal.2:20, Col 1:27-29.

Pastors, deacons, elders, etc. are functions within the Body of Christ.  We appear to be more interested in titles and authority.  Rather than functioning on the authority to do what we are supposed to be doing, in the midst of Body Life, we would rather hold titles and exercise authority over the Body.  We strive to tell the people how to live for Jesus rather than support them in living with Jesus.

Now let me temper this a bit.  To encourage and build the Body of Christ I must be with them where they are.  I attend an institutional church so that I can encourage, build, and love those who are in Christ.

I weep because Christians are committed to the ‘institutional church’, thinking they are expressing their love for/to Jesus.  Personal relationship with Jesus is talked about but is not practiced.  It is similar to being committed to the concept of marriage and family but not committed to one’s spouse.

Jesus wants us individually and corporately to be, One with Him:


Our faith is not where we place our trust, confidence, or assurance, it is to be placed in Jesus, then His faith becomes our faith, His thoughts become our thoughts.  This is not done to create perfection, but to reveal His presence in the midst of human imperfection, revealing His love; which is based on His personal choice and commitment to us.

FOR 2014

What should we do? – seek daily to live out your Oneness with Jesus; and support others who want the same relationship with Him.  Even though He is God incarnate, seek to know Him as friend, brother and partner-WORKERS TOGETHER.



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