Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

The Heart Exposed

Jesus speaks to me in strange ways sometimes, this morning it was one of those STRANGE but eye opening times. Out of the depths of my heart rose the following response to His prompting.


Father, I want to feel guilty. I want to see me in the worst of light. I want You to feel sorry for POOR ME as I feel SORRY FOR ME.

I don’t want to see me as You see me. I don’t want to see Jesus and I as One. I don’t want live up to WHO You have made me in Christ. I don’t want the SUPERNATURAL to mark my life; I want to be natural – just like everyone else. I cringe at being responsible; to being victorious In Christ. I don’t want to live through the tears, heart aches and sacrifices of Christ, I want to walk on water, turn water to wine, and develop a loyal following. I want roses without thorns, shade without rain, sun without heat, breezes without wind, and friends without confrontation.

It is like asking for winter without snow, spring without rain, summer without heat, and fall without colors.



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