Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

In the Written Word with the Living Word

Tuesday – Oct 27, 2015 – QT

The oracle concerning Babylon which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw.

“Yes, I exercise grace and mercy, yet I do get angry. I am once again angry with My Children. That is with those who are called by My Name, those in Christ My Son. They have replaced me with My Own Written Word just as the nation of the Jews did.”

“They pick and choose what they want to emphasis and add their interpretations to my revelation as though they are as inspired as My Word. Even after they come to Me by grace through faith, that was a gift, they respond as though they made it by their intelligence and teach in a manner as they can NOW add to the righteousness that is theirs in Christ Jesus. Many act as though they are the Head of My Church as though Jesus abdicated His position, turning it over to them because they have greater insight into Biblical Spirituality.”

“Now, Terry look to the horizon of your time; what do you see?”

Lift up a standard on the bare hill,
Raise your voice to them,
Wave the hand that they may enter the doors of the nobles.
I have commanded My consecrated ones,
I have even called My mighty warriors,
My proudly exulting ones,
To execute My anger.

“I see an army being raised up to oppose Your truth with the purpose to extinguish all that represents You. I see my own government opposed to ideology that upholds the affirmation that You exist and that You care. I see Your people calling their own created institutions ‘church’, equating them to the same status as the “Church. We unwittingly have once again settled for religion rather than Relationship and we are unable to see our own duplicity.”

“I see myself in their midst, confused, frustrated and not knowing what to do. I see we, Your people, have a reckoning day coming. My tendency is to curl up in a fetus position and wait for Your ax to fall.”

“Even so come, Lord Jesus!”


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