Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

In the Written Word with the Living Word


Therefore I will weep bitterly for Jazer, for the vine of Sibmah;
I will drench you with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh;
For the shouting over your summer fruits and your harvest has fallen away.

13 This is the word which the Lord spoke earlier concerning Moab. 14 But now the Lord speaks, saying, “Within three years, as a hired man would count them, the glory of Moab will be degraded along with all his great population, and his remnant will be very small and impotent.”


Father, You weep over the choices of Your people and people in general because of the repercussions our choices are bringing upon us.

It is as though You tell us to stay away from crossing a line and we make decisions that move us as close to the line as possible, then are toe goes over it, then one whole foot and then we are walking on the other side of the line and it isn’t as bad as You made it out to be.

So we determined to live there not recognizing that destruction was gradually approaching and we claimed Your promises to no avail and the world around us now blames us for the consequences because we claim its not the believer’s fault but that of the world (them). All that can be said of God’s people is that we don’t dabble in the worst of life styles, we are just not: as greedy, as violent, as immoral, as hateful, as worldly, as indifferent to God’s presence in the world, as …etc.

We now live miles beyond the line and Your heart is broken and You weep because we chose to be of the world rather than simply live in the world. In reality You’re not our life source on Your side of the line. The world sees it and hates us because we remind them of God’s “line” not even recognizing the masks of hypocrisy we are wearing.

We have made God a rule maker rather than a Father. We have chosen ritualistic posses rather than heartfelt personal worship, we have chosen the tree of knowledge of good and evil rather than personal intimacy, we are the frog in a kettle of cool water not even recognizing that it is we ourselves that are turning up the heat – we as the people of God now accept humor, actions, attitudes, violence, sexual content, prosperity that 50 years ago was considered opposed to God – are we not more like the world today than we were even when we first accepted Christ and recognized the existence of the line between His Kingdom of relational intimacy and the embracing the world’s values. We have become a blend of the worldly values and religious rituals and don’t even recognize it. The power of deception is that we don’t know we are deceived.

The heat is turned on, the water is getting warmer and the frog doesn’t even know it is his hand on the heart valve. AND GOD IS WEEPING!


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