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A Note to Ponder

A Note to Ponder

There needs to be a peeling back of religious tradition to find the Biblical truth of Jesus. Systematic Theology has wrapped the truth of personal intimacy with Jesus in shell harder to break through than the shell of a black walnut.

Life lived with Christ is of greater value than life lived for Jesus. We are in the same condition of religious numbness as the Rabbis, Sadducee and Pharisees were in Jesus’ day – blinded by the brightness of our own wisdom and rituals.

God did not, give us His Son, He gave us, to His Son!

Jesus came primarily to share His life with us, making it possible to approach and be accepted by the Father through CHRIST. Jesus came to offer life not death. I embrace death if I remain as I am, without Christ.

It is only when I accept Christ that I am released from death. Jesus is the difference between life and death. Taking up my cross is not taking up death, but embracing life in Oneness with Christ. The life I live with Christ, I live to experience the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. Our abundant life if for living not dying!


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