Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

Friday 12-23-2016 Isaiah 49:1-26 QT

Friday 12-23-2016 Isaiah 49:1-26 QT
1. Listen to Me, O islands, And pay attention, you peoples from afar. The Lord called Me from the womb; From the body of My mother He named Me.
2. He has made My mouth like a sharp sword, In the shadow of His hand He has concealed Me; And He has also made Me a select arrow, He has hidden Me in His quiver.
3. He said to Me, “You are My Servant, Israel, In Whom I will show My glory.”

Terry, the Body of Christ is My servent, My Partner through Whom I will reveal My glory.
It will be through My Body that I will spread My Grace and Mercy. She will lift My Name and I will draw men to Myself.
I will break the need for conformity to religious piety. My presence through intimacy of fellowship will mend the broken seams of unity as My presence in My Body ignites love, hope and faith.
Anticipate new beginings, fresh starts, and renewed dreams. Do not hesitate to follow My lead or to act on My impressions. Trust Me as your inner resouce of strength, wisdom, and endurance to impliment My will on earth, knowing I Am Jesus of Nazareth the Son of the Living God.
(Father, this is not a new years resolution. I am making a fresh vocal and written resolve to Live, daily, with Jesus of Nazareth the Son of the living God.)


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