Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts

Isaiah 54 – Blue in the face.

Sunday 01-01-2017 Isaiah 54:1-17 QT
In spots through out the chapter.

Terry, shout for joy, be prepared, do not be fearful, for I have called you.
Though storms may come, hardships ascend, I will never forsake you; remember there is purpose behind all your joyful times and enduring experiences.
If you recall it is the history of My Sent ones (in their life time) to be misunderstood, rejected, scandalized, eventually, to be vindicated by Me.
Do not walk in a lock-step manner that puts you in time and tune with your culture and religious community, rather be found living in step with Me as a result of Our relational intimacy. You know – like I’ve talked to you till I’m blue in the face.


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One thought on “Isaiah 54 – Blue in the face.

  1. Nathan Dell on said:

    I needed to hear this one today. Happy New Year, Terry.

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