Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts


I endure the pain of physical therepy by His grace given discipline. There are times I just don’t want to get up and walk. Guess I haven’t reclined long enough to want to hear Jesus say, “Take up your ‘recliner’ and walk”. (it’s so heavy)
But then I do hear:
Terry, if you cheat on doing your physical therepy because of pain or whatever, you’ll limp the rest of your life; if you cheat on your discipline to be intimate with Me you will be a spiritaul cripple and won’t even realize it; other than if I point it out to you.
Then I rise from my recliner and Carol gets to listen to my groans, grunts and the shuffling of the walker along the floors as I rotate through the rooms of our home. She and I both question if I really mean it when I say with empasis – “THANK YOU JESUS”
Yet I press on!


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