Short Reads to Stimulate Long Thoughts


Tuesday June 06, 2017 2 Corinthians 7:2- QT
2. Make room for us in your hearts; we wronged no one, we corrupted no one, we took advantage of no one.
3. I do not speak to condemn you, for I have said before that you are in our hearts to die together and to live together.
4. Great is my confidence in you; great is my boasting on your behalf. I am filled with comfort; I am overflowing with joy in all our affliction.
5. For even when we came into Macedonia our flesh had no rest, but we were afflicted on every side: conflicts without, fears within.

Terry, note that where people are tensions arise. This is why it is important that you see people from My perspective (even yourself).
Of course there will be afflictions, yes there will be conflicts and internal fears will surface – recognize them but do not give into them, these are sign posts revealing your NEED to look unto Me, THE AUTHOR and FINISHER OF YOUR FAITH. i AM THE SOURCE OF ALL YOUR COMFORT AND THE CAUSE OF YOUR OVERFLOWING JOY.
Consciously recognize My presence wherever you are.


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